What is a Paper Sculpture?

  Chris is often asked that question, and he once attempted to explain through the examples posted below.  "Even with that, good luck," he said, "cause there's a good chance that you'll still get lost."

"But basically," he continued, "Paper Sculpture is a blend of cutting, scoring, engineering, painting, and finally gapping with a goal to create dimension.  I've spent a lifetime developing and refining this unique style of art, and, trust me, it may appear easy but, in all truth, it's far from it.  Still, once done, the final product inevitably brings out the depth of this art, which allows for the play of light and shadows to present a remarkable and unforgettable image that is extremely pleasing to the eye."

Step 1.

"With that said, I'll now attempt to explain. The process begins with a basic sketch and once it's to my liking, I'm now ready to go on from there. That truly is the easiest part."

Step 2.

"From there, I'll determine the layers and cuts, which I've usually done through what  I refer to as a highlighted key system of sorts.  By that I mean I can soon identify each piece seperately as if they're in blueprint form." 

Step 3.

"It's then that I transfer each individual section to a heavy weight archival paper stock through the use of a sheet of grafite coated paper and, say, a simple ball point pen. Once done, I'm ready for the cutting and scoring of each to give them their relief."

Step 4.

"Now the fun starts.  Each piece is then bent and maneuvered, strictly to get the appropriate effect, which will eventually be enhanced by a good light source. Then comes the color, which is applied to each to bring out further desired detail.

The Final Piece:

"I've now done the basics.  Imagine, now, doing the same for every element within the piece.  Believe me, you can suddenly have nearly unidentifiable scraps strewn throughout the studio and, at times, it's nearly impossible to identify where one may belong, which can be highly frustrating, at times.  Yet once the piece of art is completed, it's somehow all worth it. It's beyond rewarding to see how an image can grow before my eyes and turn into something with more life than most styles of artwork.  Seriously, it's so dimensional that one could feel that he could literally reach right into it.  Oh, baby, once I've pulled it off, it's a grand feeling!"

"And viewing it framed and displayed?  Even better!"

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